Our learning journey began with talking about change –  at the time, in 2015, it seemed that the world was waking up to the importance of ‘managing’ change.  Five years later the evidence points to change as the starting point. In other words, if you’re still talking about ‘change management’ it’s likely that you’ll find the future a challenging place.

From our research, one phrase that stood out was: 

“get smart faster”

We don’t know where you’re at in your digital journey and what plans you have to enable automation in your enterprise.  What we do know from the research is that all jobs will be affected in some way by automation and AI – whether to enhance and work in partnership with our human traits (Humans+machines) or, to replace the repetitive tasks that are currently carried out by humans. By the way, simply making a manual task automated is covered by this too. (Think simple things like automating the processing and production of purchase orders, invoices and so on.)  

This has several implications for the enterprise of the future.  Technology will not be capable of replacing humans in some spheres and in fact, our human traits are a definite advantage to deliver customer intimacy and personalisation.   For example, your local bar tender usually dispenses more than drinks with a sociable chat to accompany your drink!   And on the other hand, some jobs will be completely displaced by machines.  

Talent management has never been more important – both in retaining and attracting skills needed to thrive in a highly automated world.  Additionally, how you re-train the talent you currently have in your workforce to leverage the untapped talent and inherent knowledge of those displaced will also be a key competence.  Your teams likely have treasure troves of hidden knowledge about customers, or systems that support the customer journey. This too will be a key differentiator more so in the future as the focus veers more towards customer experiences and human centred design.

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