The Science of Change

13th March 2019

Discover a science based approach to people change by coming along to this 1-day workshop.


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The Science of Change

Instead of trying to change mindsets focus instead on brain science.  How can you systematically address the human side of change?

If you want to stand out in your organisation as an agent for real change, let go of some of the old models and theories on people change.  Many of these theories are shown to lack scientific rigour and yet they persist in models of change.

The reality is that a theory or model is only scientific if it can be tested and falsified, according to the Centre for Evidence-Based Management.

Focus instead on developing tactics that harness the natural process of human change.  And rely on a more systematic approach.

Topics Explored

Deep dive into the Cynefin complexity framework

How to approach change from an evidence-based perspective

What habits are and how you can help your organisation break habits that hinder progress

The key biases we operate with and how these show up in organisations

Who Should Attend?

If you’re a seasoned change practitioner and have been using some of the traditional models and theories yet have a niggling voice in your head that says, ‘there must be a better way’.

Or you want to explore different ways of approaching change so that you have a wider repertoire to draw on.

Maybe you’re new to the field of change having come from a software development or project management background and feel comfortable with a more scientific approach to people change.

Meet the facilitators

Ro Gorell

I’m a change strategist, coach and published author specialising in adaptive change, because in a disrupted world no organisation can afford to rest on previous success.

Coaching and facilitation are the key methods and skillsets I use to engender change agility. I help clients create their own change framework blending tools, techniques and methods from: change management, project management, neo- behaviourism (how to create habits), Lean Change and Agile as well as programme management.

Charlotte Mawle

I’m a coach, mentor, facilitator, speaker and consultant. With over 20 years experience managing change on global projects, including cultural change and technology driven, I help clients through facilitating workshops, coaching change leaders and through consulting activities.

Using a Lean/Agile change process based on a continuous improvement I coach  clients to help them develop confidence with Lean Change.

Come along and spend a day diving deeper into the human aspects of change