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This programme has the potential to change your perspective on managing change!  Of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to throw out all the good practices and tools you’ve worked hard to acquire over the years.

Our 3-part programme is a unique experience based on learning by doing. Pre-workshop you have access to an online self-directed learning module.  You decided what you do and when you do it.  Participants receive a Playbook on signing up for the programme that includes all the materials, access to online resources, activities and tools they can use straightaway.

The second part is delivered through a 1-day face to face workshop – you will have already chosen the city most convenient for you.

The third part is the follow up coaching call – you have the benefit of putting into practice what you’ve learnt before you join the call.  The call is run as a group coaching session where you are encouraged to share what you have applied already and listen to how other are using what they have learnt.

Learning Programme

Lean Change Foundation

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What You'll Learn

  • The Lean Change Cycle — Insights, Options and Experiments
  • How to co-create a Team Canvas and identify when it could be used
  • How to use Perspectives Mapping to gain alignment for your changes
  • How to use a Blast Radius to identify and map the impact of your change
  • Learn how to use the Strategic Change Canvas
  • The final retrospective will help you identify which options/tools you will take action on following the workshop.

What You'll Receive

  • Playbook and handouts
  • Set of Lean Change Tip Cards
  • A copy of Jason Little’s Lean Change Management book
  • One-hour group coaching call with Ro and Charlotte following the 1-day workshop
  • Access to ongoing support, shared learning and trouble shooting
  • Access to online learning materials
  • Certificate of attendance

Who Should Attend?

The Foundation Programme is suited to Change Managers, Project Managers, Business Analysts and Agile Coaches,  who are looking to develop an agile approach to change.

“On of the best courses I’ve attended in recent times.  I’ve got new tools that I believe I’ll be able to use from next week.  Ro and Charlotte’s facilitation skills are top notch.”
Sunish Chabba

Agile Consultant

We’ve been training people in Lean Change since 2015!
We have trained over 300 people in Australia and New Zealand and are in the top 5 facilitators worldwide.*
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Meet the facilitators

Charlotte Mawle

I’m a coach, mentor, facilitator, speaker and consultant. With over 20 years experience managing change on global projects, including cultural change and technology driven, I help clients through facilitating workshops, coaching change leaders and through consulting activities. Using a Lean/Agile change process based on a continuous improvement I coach  clients to help them develop confidence with Lean Change.

Ro Gorell

I’m a change strategist, coach and published author specialising in adaptive change, because in a disrupted world no organisation can afford to rest on previous success. Coaching and facilitation are the key methods and skillsets I use to engender change agility. I help clients create their own change framework blending tools, techniques and methods from: change management, project management, neo- behaviourism (how to create habits), Lean Change and Agile as well as programme management.

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