Keep Your Resolve

How to keep your New Year’s Resolution at any time of year 

Ro Gorell

Change Strategist & Coach

How do you keep a New Years Resolution?  Or in fact any resolution?

We’ve all done it.  Made New Year’s Resolutions at midnight on 31st December and by 31st January they’re a distant memory.

The 2 key reasons for this are:

  • Trying to change lifetime habits overnight
  • Trying to do it alone.

Hi I’m Ro Gorell,  I help you follow through on your goals to create lasting change and build confidence for future growth.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve helped clients realise they’re already achieving their goals.  In fact, they’re making progress without even realising.

My skill is helping you make progress through identifying what you’ve aready achieved and creating the space for insight and self-learning.

Online & Face-to-Face Coaching

In these 2-hour focused sessions I help you answer the following questions:

  • How do I keep my resolutions & build momentum?
  • How do I overcome set-backs?
  • How do I make this year different from all the others?

These 2-hour focused sessions are designed to help you keep your resolve through consistent experimentation and planning.  And using science to help counter your unconscious habits.

Using simple, light-weight tools, I’ll help you flex your planning muscles so that you can make it easier to keep your New Year’s Resolution.  Helping you generate awareness that keeps you moving forward.


In this 2-hour online session, using Zoom,  you will learn how to keep  your resolutions, overcome setbacks and make 2018 your best year yet. Places are limited to 5 people.


If you’re based in Western Australia or happen to be in Perth, join our face to face session at Cliftons on St Georges Terrace. Places are limited to 5 people.
I’ve coached many people just like you.

Having a plan helps, but if the plan is too rigid it constrains you.  Renovating and refreshing your plan builds in learning and insights: these fuel progress.

Personal Change Is Too Important To Be Kept for January

Take the time to make 2018 your best year yet by joining me on one of our ‘Keep Your Resolve’ sessions

Keep your Resolve