Group Coaching

Group Coaching


Group coaching provides support to develop confidence and skills, enabling you to achieve your goals.   The group environment also leverages shared learning and collaboration.  Allowing you to co-create and take courageous steps to being and doing, differently or even better.

Group coaching is the application of questioning, listening and feedback facilitated by the coach to enable the mutual learning and self-development of a group of individuals…[i]

Together we co-create a space for learning, curiosity and exploration for you and your fellow group coaching members.

Here are some of the ways group coaching can benefit your personal development and growth ​

  • You engage in sharing and learning with others who are going through a similar experience in their organisation.
  • You build your confidence in experimenting and taking calculated risks so that you can grow. Taking risks is fine if you have confidence to experiment.  Doing it on your own is hard.  So having a team of people behind you who have your back and help you back yourself is comforting to know.
  • You are kept honest about what bias you might be operating with and apply strategies that help eliminate self-limiting beliefs. You know that it’s hard to be completely objective and value the perspective of others.
  • You discover what others are doing that you could learn from. And you have the opportunity to showcase what you’re doing as a practice run for presenting your progress in your organisation.
  • You co-create a space for thinking and learning outside of the hustle and bustle of everyday work. That way you’ll have space to truly reflect on what is and isn’t working

[i] Gorell, Ro (2013)   Group Coaching:  a practical guide to optimizing collective talent in any organization, Kogan Page

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions whether group coaching is for you?  Here are a list of the common questions we get asked.

What is group coaching?

Group Coaching is based on the Action Learning Set developed and made popular by Reg Revans.  He designed Action Learning Sets as a way of supporting individuals following a training intervention.  It is for groups of individuals drawn together temporarily as a team, larger groups geographically spread and cross-functional teams responsible for delivering joint goals.

I’ve not experienced group coaching before, what should I expect?

Everyone experiences the coaching process differently.  In group coaching each person brings real life/work challenges to the group and through a process of reflection, questioning and activities you’ll explore the known and unknown in the spirit of openness and curiosity – allowing solutions to emerge.

How long are the sessions?

The length of each group coaching session is 60 minutes. The groups are limited to 6 people maximum to ensure everyone has the opportunity to speak and share their experiences.  Questioning, informed by active listening is the key tool to enable learning – a process of discovery for the individual bringing their challenge to the group – as well as their successes!

What happens if I can’t make a session?

Once you have committed to the programme schedule we expect you to do your utmost to make the sessions,  however, we understand things change.  During the contracting process at the beginning of the programme we will decide how changes in the sessions will be managed.

What is the structure of a typical session?

You decide what to bring to the group – the topics of focus are around your core purpose.  A time for reflection is allocated to each individual group member.  Other group members may also add in their learning as a resource for the individual presenting their topic.  The group decides the agenda.

What’s the role of the group coach?

The group coach will help co-create the group process and support the techniques the group uses.  The coach will also assist and facilitate the space for all members to participate in the learning process.

Group Coaching

The group coaching sessions use the tools and techniques designed and developed by Ro Gorell, Author of best selling coaching books & Co-Director of Change Optimised.

Satisfied Customers

“The coaching sessions have been terrific. I have got a lot of value out of them…Ro actually did a really good job of making me feel at ease and externalising my objectives one by one.  The biggest value for me was taking up the recording option and being able to play back the sessions.”
Mario Bizaare

Business Change Manager

“Of all the facilitators and coaches I’ve encountered, Ro surpasses the rest – she is excellent at helping people get to the nub of issues, and find solutions.  She knows how to bring the the Rocket Fuel in an individual and an organisation!   And a positive inspiration to all those she encounters. ”
Jacqueline Evans

Head of Business , Stopgap - Marketing and Marketing Recruitment Specialists

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