Individual Coaching Programmes


These coaching sessions are designed to be either:

One-off ‘top up’ sessions and are offered to clients who have worked with me previously. They can be booked ‘as required’ and are best suited to clients who have a specific activity or task they are looking to achieve. Clients who just want a sounding board for a current challenge also find these sessions valuable. Or,

Targeted session e.g. career profiling, preparing for a meeting etc. This type of session will be more content driven.


These coaching sessions are designed around a medium-term goal that might include some behavioural shifts. This programme is ideal if you want ongoing accountability for your actions and a space to reflect on what you are learning about yourself and the actions you are taking. This package is particularly helpful for professional development and support. It can be tailored to a more coach-mentoring approach or pure coaching depending on your needs. These will be discussed with you beforehand.


This programme is best suited to someone who is looking to make significant changes in their life or work and is looking for ongoing support and encouragement as they test out different options. Typically, the focus is on a longer-term goal where you are seeking support, encouragement and accountability to maintain momentum and leverage learning and growth.


Satisfied Customers

“The coaching sessions have been terrific. I have got a lot of value out of them…Ro actually did a really good job of making me feel at ease and externalising my objectives one by one.  The biggest value for me was taking up the recording option and being able to play back the sessions.”
Mario Bizaare

Business Change Manager

“Of all the facilitators and coaches I’ve encountered, Ro surpasses the rest – she is excellent at helping people get to the nub of issues, and find solutions.  She knows how to bring the the Rocket Fuel in an individual and an organisation!   And a positive inspiration to all those she encounters. ”
Jacqueline Evans

Head of Business , Stopgap - Marketing and Marketing Recruitment Specialists

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions whether individual coaching is for you?  Here are a list of the common questions we get asked.

What is coaching?

Coaching is about personal development.  It aims to facilitate learning and self-awareness to unlock potential.  Coaching is about asking questions and listening and as a coachee you get help in setting goals and outcomes for your coaching programme/session and lead the topics you want to explore.  Coaching is about working on the present to create the future.  Its about taking action.

I’ve not experienced coaching before, what should I expect?

Everyone experiences the coaching process differently.  You can expect lots of questions, an opportunity to reflect and think, support and encouragement, challenge around your thinking, actions, approaches and opportunity to take different perspectives.  Ultimately it will be your unique experience.

How long are the sessions?

The length of each coaching session will depend on which package you choose.  For the Laser and Focus options the coaching sessions run for 60 minutes.  The transform sessions are 45 minutes long.

What happens if I can’t make a session?

Once you have committed to the programme schedule we expect you to do your utmost to make the sessions,  however, we understand things change.  During the contracting process at the beginning of the programme we will decide how changes in the sessions will be managed.

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