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We deliver world-class learning programmes for leading learners, that help you and your organisation learn new skills, tools and processes fit for the digital age.

Learning Programmes

Whether you’re trying to respond to current market challenges or redefine your organisation, our programmes are designed to support and accelerate your transformation journey.

We offer a range of programmes focused on developing your skills for the digital age and beyond.

IC Agile -Coaching Agile Transitions with Lean Change

Our Coaching Agile Transitions  2-day workshop is an accredited ICAgile Workshop that has been added to our course offerings as of January 2020.

While Lean Change Agent is a foundational course for all change agents, this workshop is specifically designed for change agents working on an agile transformation. 

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Virtual Lean Change Agent

Virtual Lean Change Agent

This virtual workshop is designed to show you how to use Agile and Lean techniques to facilitate change.

Lean Change Management is a modern approach that takes ideas from Lean Startup, Agile, Organizational Development, and Change Management in order to help you figure out the best approach to the change you’re faced with.

Please note that we will be paid an affiliate fee from Jason for everyone who signs up for the virtual courses.

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Lean Change Foundation

Our Lean Change Foundation is a 1-day face-to-face workshop.  It is designed to build on your change management experience, or if you’re new to the world of adaptive change & want to add a new approach to your skillset.

This 1 day is designed to give you enough knowledge to start you on your Lean Change journey towards becoming a Lean Change Pracitioner.

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Lean Change Agent

We offer the Lean Change Agent  2-day face-to-face workshop.  As the first Lean Change Agent Facilitators in Australia and New Zealand we have over 4 years experience of running this workshop with over 30 courses completed.

Since 2014, over 3500 people have attended Lean Change Agent in over 28 countries. Join our growing global community and learn how to modernize your approach to change management.

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The Science of Change

The Science of Change workshop helps you learn how to demystify the human response to change so you can remove some of the potential barriers and make it easier for people to embrace change.   In this course you will understand how using the basics of behavioural economics can help design changes that require no mindset shift, yet work well.  You’ll take away simple tools you can use immediately.


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Agile Ways of Working

This programme provides lightweight approaches to working in an agile way. To give you pragmatic not bureaucratic ways to help your organisation get valuable things done! This programme is designed to open your eyes to the amazing world of adaptive frameworks to support your adoption of digital within your organisation.


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Facilitation Skills

This half day workshop covers the basic skills you need to be an effective facilitator.  You will learn things such as how to stay out of the content and keep on process, how to handle different behaviours and how to bring different types of energy into the room.


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Coaching & Facilitating Change

The Coaching & Facilitating Change  programme helps you learn how to coach and facilitate so you can increase your influence in your organisation and ensure the value you bring is realised by key decision makers.  Adaptive change requires a different leadership style.  Whether you’re managing a small team or leading a whole organisation.  Whether you’re already coaching or starting from scratch. This programme is designed to help you learn the foundations of great coaching and facilitation, build and deepen existing coaching skills, and start you on your path to mastery.


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