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Change Futures Academy

If you are looking to enhance your strategic change skills, gain more confidence and to influence the leaders in your organisation, we offer world-class learning programmes to help you deliver great results & demonstrate your value now and into the future. Our online and in person programmes are available through our Change Futures Academy, led by expert facilitators.  Our programmes are always practical and outcomes-focused, sometimes challenging and always fun.

Coaching & Mentoring

Looking to leverage talent in your organisation to be fit for the future,  developing coaching skills and a coaching culture in your organisation can help your workforce achieve higher performance and better business results. We offer both individual & group coaching, to grow your business through creating a coaching climate. We use tools from our best selling books – Group Coaching, 50 Top Tools For Coaching and How to Create a Coaching Culture, written by Change Optimised Director, Ro Gorell.

Business Consulting

We work with clients who are struggling with the current rate of change – disrupted by technology, outdated organisation structures and skills which are no longer fit for purpose.  If you are looking to become pioneers in your industry then we can work with you to provide tailored, high value solutions, focused on improving your organisational culture through innovation and experimentation.

change futures academy

Whether you’re a Change Manager, Project Manager or Business Leader responsible for delivering change in your organisation, big or small, our learning programmes will help you develop new skills and apply simple light-weight tools to make it easier to integrate change into the everyday.

We offer a range of programmes focused on developing personal and organisational growth.  They include strategic change courses as well as Jason Little’s Lean Change Agent programme.  We have our Science of Change workshop which offers you an introduction to understanding how you can use approaches such as behavioural economics to design change.

coaching & mentoring

We have a smorgasbord of coaching & mentoring options on offer from individual and group coaching to individual mentoring and group mastermind programmes.

Designed by Ro Gorell, expert coach and leading author on coaching, our coaching programmes are world class.

"Ro and Charlotte's knowledge and experience is second to none. Their passion and enthusiasm is infectious.

Michael Brady – Manager PMO, IMB, Wollongong

"A fantastic, insightful, engaging workshop! Loved the simplicity of being able to gather information and insights quickly"

Jenni Flower – Senior Change Manager, Group Technology, ANZ, Melbourne

"Change is never easy for an organisation, but with the help of Ro, we’ve successfully sailed through some scary waters."

Claire Owen, Leader of Vision & Values, The Stopgap Group

Charlotte is a true professional. Her agile, responsive approach is refreshing, she seamlessly works through challenging situations to deliver exceptional value and benefit to the client.

Nadeane Chadwick, Project Portfolio Management & Business Improvement

Our consulting Process

From the outside organisations in the same industry and sector can look the same. From the inside it’s a different story.

We work with you to understand the current organisational system and culture, starting from where you’re at and knowing what’s working for you right now. With these insights, we work with teams to generate options and create hypotheses & experiments, which they can test & learn from.

1. empathize & define

Validate the need for change, uncover your assumptions and discover perspectives.  We do this using tools from Agile, Design Thinking, Lean and Organisational Psychology.

2. create

Creating ‘safe to fail’ experiments where success and progress measures are agreed upfront.  Using tools from the Centre for Evidence Based Management, Cognitive Edge, Lean Change and Design Thinking we support teams to co-create their experiments.

3. experiment

Using the Lean Change Cycle teams prepare, introduce and review their experiments.  Using on-line tools to capture data, review progress and analyse results.

4. Learn

Using frequent retrospectives to learn from your experiments, we will help you understand what the results mean and how you can use them to grow your organisation.

Our Customers

Banks, utility companies, universities, oil & gas and software companies are just some of the organisations who have benefited from working with us.

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