Supporting Leaders to Navigate Organisation-wide Transformation

We know how hard it can be to lead people through rapid and continuous change.  Our Leading Change framework gives leaders confidence and practical tools to navigate organisation-wide transformation.

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To achieve your organisational transformation and objectives your leaders have to be able to implement effective change principles.


  • Your leaders don’t know where to start
  • They may feel out of their depth and don’t have the skills
  • They don’t feel like they have time to learn as their day-to-day work is all consuming
  • Out-of-the-box methods don’t work
  • You’ve tried lots of methods before but they haven’t been sustained
  • Having a change process alone won’t enable success

Our Leading Change framework supports your leaders to navigate change today whilst also building their capability, their knowledge and their toolbox for the future.  Access our Leading Change framework through our Online Course, Private Workshops or work with us to customise a solution for your organisation.

Online course:

A 6-module e-course that helps you, as an individual, build your change capabilities.

  • Watch anytime
  • Take learning back to your team straightaway
  • Workbooks and exercises provided

Private Workshop:

A one-day workshop that provides you and your team with a roadmap to achieving transformation

  • 1-day workshop (virtual or in-person), plus pre-work and follow-up
  • Content designed to get you started on your journey
  • Practical tools you can implement immediately

Custom Solutions:

Work with us to design a unique solution for your organisation that creates transformation today, and provides your leaders with the tools to continue to navigate change in the future.

  • Complete customised solution for your business
  • We work in-house with you and your teams
  • A mix of delivery methods and tools

Getting a Return on Your Investment 


In challenging times, getting a return on your investment is more important than ever.  Measuring the effectiveness of your change management effort is not always easy.  By using a continouous improvement and people centred approach you focus on the things that add value.  This means you stop doing the things that just ‘tick the box’.

The support of experienced coaches

In the Leading Change program, you will work closely with our dedicated and experienced coaches that brings the leading change framework to life in your business. You coach becomes your trusted guide and a member of your team, remaining by your side for the entire journey and beyond to support you to achieve your business vision.

Charlotte Mawle
Ro Gorell


“Ro and Charlotte’s knowledge and experience is second to none. Their passion and enthusiasm is infectious.”
Michael Brady

Manager, PMO, IMB, Wollongong

“A fantastic, insightful, engaging workshop! Loved the simplicity of being able to gather information and insights quickly”
Jenni Flower

Change Management Specialist, ANZ, Melbourne

“Change is never easy for an organisation, but with the help of Ro, we’ve successfully sailed through some scary waters.”
Claire Owen

Leader of Vision & Values, The Stopgap Group

“Charlotte is a true professional. Her agile, responsive approach is refreshing, she seamlessly works through challenging situations to deliver exceptional value and benefit to the client.”
Nadeane Chadwick

Project Portfolio Management & Business Improvement

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