Change Optimised

Providing an agile, multi-disciplined approach to managing and leading change, and developing organisational agility.

Working at the leading edge of organisational and personal development, we provide quality consulting, training, coaching and mentoring.

Coaching & Mentoring

Take your change to a deeper level with coaching and mentoring.

Our coaching and mentoring programs are designed for leaders, managers and change management teams.  The programs focus on supporting people in their roles as influencers and change makers.  We offer a number of individual and group programmes.


We work with organisations to understand the current organisational system and culture, starting from where you’re at and knowing what’s working for you right now.  We offer a number of consulting services from targeting a specific challenge to the strategic application of adaptive frameworks that link change to the business strategy.

Learning Programmes

We run public and in-house Lean Change Programmes.  Our Programmes are delivered using a 3-step approach: Pre-workshop, self-directed learning using online materials; 1 or 2-day face-to-face workshops; and a follow up group coaching call.

We also offer an Enterprise Change Capability Programme.  This combines all the component parts of adaptive change helping your organisation create change capability.

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